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100% Natural Aphrodisiac Herbal Blend Paste – Epimedium Macun 240 GR 

 THEMRA Honey is a Turkish honey with Epimedium extract or as it is sometimes called “Horny Goat Weed”, Turkish honey as it stimulates sexual desire in both men and women women increases.  

Delicious, 100% natural herbs, excellent for sexual stamina in men and women, can help with pre-ejaculation and sperm count. 

 Epimedyumlu Bitkisel Karisimli Macun,  sexual enhancement and energy boosting product. 

Turkish Paste with Epimedium Honey is inspired by the Epimedium plant, which has been cultivated for thousands of years in China and some Central Asian countries for  its tonic properties. Epimedium paste is a mixture of honey and other plants that enhances the energizing effects of the aromatic and visually attractive Epimedium plantEpimedium was only consumed by royalty but eventually became available to the general public. The effectiveness of the mixture is enhanced when consumed in  paste form.

 Themra Turkey 100% natural and the best aphrodisiac and tonic without side effects 

 Epimedium honey for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (sexual inability)  

 Improves fertility and count of sperm

 Approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey  

 THEMRA  honey ingredients Epimedium : Themra honey Ingredients 


 Pollen Grains 

 Bee Queen Jelly Royal 

 Epimedium (Horney Goat Weed) 






 Maca Plant 

 American Ginseng 

Common Netznettle -Gebarntle –Gebarntle -Gebarnten UNTTLE UNTLETLE UNTLAUCE DIOICA)) Tree (America nicher Ginseng (Stinging Nettle (Urtica Dioica)) 

 Ginnamgo Biloba (Mainenbaum (American Ginseng (Urtle) 

 Ginseng (Urtle) 


 Tribulus terrestris (Bindii Plant

 Kola Nut (Kola Nut) 


 Raspberry Syrup 

 Glucose Syrup 

 Benefits of Themra -Honey 

 General tonic and stimulant 

 Strengthening the immune system  

 THEMRA honey is a Turkish honey that contains a high level of antioxidants. 

 Contributes to improving memory and concentration. 

 Themra Epimedium Turkish Macun Honey Protects against osteoporosis. 

 Strengthens the joints. 

 Activator of blood circulation  

 Horny Goat Weed helps to minimize pressure 

 Epimedium Turkish honey Limits arteriosclerosis 

 Themra honey Benefits for men 

 Treatment of erectile dysfunction  

 Treatment for maintaining erection 

 Provides longer and more effective erection periods 

 Treatment for sperm dysfunction  

 Stops rapid ejaculation for those suffering from premature ejaculation 

 Delays the ejaculation process 

 Improves semen fertility  

 Contributes to better sexual performance and greater orgasm 

 Themra Honey Benefits for Women’s Sexual Health 

 Sexual tonic for women 

 Helps to narrow the vagina 

 Contributes to relaxation and relieves feelings of anxiety  

Increases pride at some point of sexual intercourse

 Fertility stimulant and pregnancy trigger 

 Increases excitement for the G-spot in the vagina 

 Turkish Epimedium Macun Price In Pakistan side effect 

 Epimedium honey should not  be used by people with chronic diseases such as heart, pressure, angina  or pregnant women and diabetics. For those who suffer from any illness. It is recommended to consult a doctor before use. 

Epimedium Turkish honey how to use?

 It is recommended to use Themra honey three times a week one hour before sex on a full stomach. One dose lasts about 48 hours.

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