Vip Hair Color Shampoo In Pakistan 03337600024 For Women And Men 180ml

Vip Hair Color Shampoo In Pakistan | For Women And Men 180ml | Made In India

Three in one Product that can be used as hair dye, shampoo and conditioner. No need for gloves, brushes or bowls. No stains, can use with the hand itself. Nice Fragrance and no tears. Vip Hair Color Shampoo In Pakistan A non-drip formula infused with pearl extract gives you the richness of a natural looking color with a brilliant shine in just 15 minutes. The product has a pleasant scent and is without tears. It is a herbal product that does not contain ammonia. Vip Hair Shampoo In Pakistan.

This revolutionary product offers a hassle-free application experience unlike conventional hair dyes. It comes in an attractive 2-in-1 container that makes the mix preparation comfortable for you. You can apply it easily with bare hands. You do not need gloves and you will be amazed to see your hands, your face and your scalp without any minimal sign of hair coloring Vip Hair Shampoo In Pakistan.

VIP 3 in 1 Hair Color Shampoo is the magnificent result of 16 years of extensive research and analysis done by our trichology experts.

What Is Vip Hair Colour Shampoo?

There’s some limited exploration on the safety and efficacity of personality Hair Colour Shampoo. One study set up that the soap was effective in covering argentine hair, but it also caused some hair loss and crown vexation. further exploration is demanded to determine the long- term safety of the product. Overall, personality Hair Colour Shampoo is a promising new option for people who are looking for a natural and ammonia-free way to color their hair. still, it’s important to be apprehensive of the implicit pitfalls and side goods before using the product.

Original Brand Vip Hair Color Shampoo Features:

Brand : VIP

Color : Black

Chemical : No

Type : Semi Permanent

Size : 180ml

Targeted Group : Unisex

Texture : Shampoo

Color Family : Black

Benefits of Vip Shampoo

1- Everybody wants to look young, however the grey strands emerging at 40s gives them an aged look.

2- The traditional way of dyeing your hair is both cumbersome and time consuming.

3- Vcare Hair Color Shampoo is a novel initiative helping you to color your hair black within 5-7 minutes by just shampooing your hair.

4- So now hair Coloring is simple and easy. Vcare Shampoo hair color is enriched with a natural hair color improver, Fo-ti, antiallergenen, and green tea.

5- This makes the product ideal for regular usage; also it is absolutely free from ammonia.

Extra Feature of Vip Hair Color Shampoo

First time in pakistan

Ammonia free, tear free, pleasant frangrance

Can be applied with bare hands, enriched with pearl extract

No stains on hand, face, scalp

Natural colour black

3 in 1 product package of (shampoo, hair color, conditioner)

No gloves no stain and brush bowl required

pleasant fragrance and tear free

Amazing results in 15 minutes

100 % grey coverage

5 in 1 use parts on body: on head,hands, chest, beard and moustache

Method To Use of Vip Hair Color Shampoo

wet your hands thoroughly. Make sure your hair is completely dry without oil or dust. There are two types of shampoos inside the container. Take the required amount of shampoos present inside the container. Take the amount of shampoo required by pressing the nozzle over wet hands and mix well. Apply the mixture evenly and massage carefully. Wash your hands within 3 minutes of contact using soap or hand washing. Wait 15 minutes. Then rinse with enough water.

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